Bugs Bee-Ware is a privately owned and locally operated company that strives to provide you with the best possible service. Service Philosophy, Job knowledge, 25 + years experience, and our Passion for entomology has enabled Bugs Bee-Ware Ext. to become the largest pest control company located in Highlands County. Your satisfaction is our reputation!

Turn the yard you avoid
into a yard you enjoy!


CURB-N-SCAPE is a division of Bugs Bee-Ware Ext. Inc. where we thrive on creating a landscape that is a living extension of your home. Whether you're looking for a low maintenance landscape, tropical landscape, water garden, or just finishing touches with our concrete curbing, our CURB-N-SCAPE division is here for you!

Meet your Owners: Michael and Stephanie McGathey

Michael is a native "Buckeye" but has been living in Florida for approximately 30 years now. Although he is no longer actively serving, Michael is a US Marine through and true. His business management style stems from his military background and that is to serve his clients with honor and integrity. Michael is still as passionate today about the pest control industry as he was 25 years ago!

Stephanie is a native Floridian and is an associate certified entomologist. Whether it's working in the office, doing property evaluations and pest identification, or working with technicians in the field, Stephanie is involved in all aspects of the business. Stephanie is passionate on training technicians that will provide outstanding customer service as well as safe and effective treatments for their customers.