The Cat Flea

An image of the Cat Flea.

The Cat Flea is the most important flea relating to people and pets in the U.S. The cat flea preys upon both cats and dogs. As the flea bites its host, it injects saliva and then sucks the blood. Some pets can have an allergic reaction to this saliva, causing the pet to lose it's hair.

The Brown Dog Tick

An image of the Brown Dog Tick.

The Brown Dog Tick is one of the most common pests of dogs and prefers to feed on dogs throughout each stage of their lifecycle. One fully engorged female tick can lay between 500-5000 eggs!


An image of the Bedbug.

Bedbugs are back! They prey upon humans while sleeping and are reddish brown in color with a "flattened" like shape. While not feeding, they rest in crack crevices, mattress seams, etc. Obtaining control of bedbugs is difficult & a pest professional should be contacted.

Asian Tiger Mosquito

An image of the Asian Tiger Mosquito.

The Asian Tiger Mosquito preys upon the blood of humans and animals. They need areas of standing water to complete their lifecycle. During the day, they prefer shady areas and will rest in low shrubs near the ground.